Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Convention Diet

Hi all!

I flew back from Denver last night, but I'm heading out to Ashland this afternoon to photograph the singer Bonnie Raitt at a fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Oregon, so I won't have time to post any photos for another few days.

Whew! That was a crazy week! I almost never sat down and seldom even had time to eat. We all worked 10 hour days and then couldn't leave the convention because we really felt like history was being made and we wanted to be there for it. Tears ran down my face when Hillary Clinton made the final nomination of Barack Obama. My photo assistant, La-Verna, and I had managed to wangle seats with the New York delegation and everyone there was very emotional. It was an amazing moment.

It was an odd feeling being in the middle of so much media, but having no idea about what was going on in the rest of the world. The only TV we watched was CNN and they were broadcasting from the next room and they appeared to be talking pretty exclusively about the Convention - until Friday, that is, when McCain announced his VP nomination and then it was all about her. (Intriguing choice, eh?)

Here is another brief list of people I photographed. I'll go through the thousands of photos I took when I get back from Ashland and post a few of my faves.

Sheryl Crow
Stevie Wonder
Al Gore
John Kerry
Katie Couric
Art Alexakis from Everclear
Rev. Al Sharpton
Rep. Steny Hoyer
Pat Buchanan
Daily Show Reporter Rob Riggle

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday and Tuesday at the Convention

I don't know why I thought I would have time to post to a blog every day. They gave us 9 or 10 hour shifts and of course there are LOTS of other things to do as well, so I haven't had much computer time.

Some quick highlights of people I photographed either on stage or walking by over the last two days:
Michelle Obama and the girls
Hillary Clinton (and one photo of Chelsea doing her introduction)
President Jimmy Carter
Sen. Joe Biden
Spike Lee
A couple of the Daily Show "reporters"
James Carville (right before he got chased down by a Daily Show reporter)
Nancy Pelosi
Gov. Bill Richardson

and many many more!

I'll write more later...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My First Convention Parties

After Cindie and Dominick dropped me off at the hotel, the whirlwind began. I think every active Democrat from Oregon is here in Denver and I think I bumped into each and every one of them throughout the evening! My roomie, Jane, gave me a head's up on extra tickets to a New Orleans celebration dinner at the Convention Center, so I ran up to the room, did a quick change and jumped on the shuttle bus to downtown. It was a HUGE party! Howard Dean spoke for a few minutes and then a great New Orleans band played. They fed us and there was even an open bar. (For a moment there, I thought I was at the Republican convention with all the free goodies!) I then caught a bus back to the hotel and went to the Tri-State party on the top floor. It was packed full of Oregonians, Washingtonians and Arizonians (or whatever they call themselves)! I tried to go to bed early, but my roomies (Tess stayed with us for the night) and I stayed up a bit late talking politics in our pj's.

Photo 1: The blue bear looking into the Convention Center
Phtoo 2: Howard Dean welcomes everyone to the Convention
Photo 3: The band from New Orleans
Photo 4: Obama Beer (it was good, but a tad too hoppy for my taste)
Photo 5: Sue and Beth (great job at setting up the Tri-State party, Beth!)

Sunday in Denver

I started the day off hanging out with my roommate from grad school, Cindie, and her hubby Dominick. They took me hiking at Red Rocks and then to eat lunch near the Coors Brewery in Golden. I hadn't seen Cindie in 15 years! We had a very nice visit. I'll post some photos later. I'm already having trouble keeping up with this blog! So much to do!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a day! I have arrived safely in Denver. Kari Chisholm of was on my flight with his wife Carrie and adorable baby Jake and so were Willie Smith from Congressman Blumenauer's office and his wife Beth Smith from the Democratic Party of Oregon. We also had a Christian rock band on our flight - they had lots of bible quotes tattooed all over themselves.

Before we got on the plane, Willie told everyone that the only celeb he wanted to see while in Denver was Anderson Cooper of CNN. Well, guess who we saw waiting at the next carousel in baggage claim after we landed?! And then just a few hours later, I saw him again, only this time he was all duded up in a suit and sitting in the convention hall broadcasting for CNN. (see photo 4). When I got back to the hotel, I watched CNN and saw myself in the background! Well, actually, I really only saw my camera flash. There was a big group around me.

I have met some very nice people. Sharon helped me figure out how to get downtown on the train. Corey is helping us figure out what to do and when. La Verna and I had dinner together. The rest of my "online team" at Studio 08 seem like they are going to be fun. We are all so happy to be here. We really feel like we are witnessing history!

Photo 1 is the PR volunteer orientation. It was HUGE!
Photo 2 is the online team in our "office" at Studio '08 in the lobby of the Pepsi Center - right by the main entrance. There are TV and radio setups in this space and I expect that lots of famous folks will be passing through...
Photo 3 is the convention floor as they finish setting up
Photo 4 is the CNN team including Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer broadcasting from the (currently empty) convention floor
Photo 5 is the outside of the Pepsi Center

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Democratic National Convention!

I will flying to Denver tomorrow to photograph the Democratic National Convention! I am very much looking forward to this, even though I have no idea what I will be asked to do! I'll keep you posted as I learn more! I will be there from August 23-29.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Events Published in Portland Monthly!

I always get excited when I see my photos in publications - especially in Portland Monthly Magazine. I photographed the Fruit and Flower Auction and the Northwest Professional Dance Project Event in July and they were published in the August edition of the magazine - in stores now!

OMSI Mindbender Mansion Preview Breakfast and BBQ

I got to photograph people taking a tour of the building where OMSI builds science exhibits for museums all over the world. They are putting the finishing touches on the "Mindbender Mansion" show that will open in late September. Did you know that OMSI has the biggest science exhibit building program in the nation?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Greyhound Pet Picnic

The Greyhound Pet Picnic was a fundraiser for Greyhound Pets of America Northwest. Greyhounds don't like to sit, so it can be a challenge to get them to pose for a portrait. The Italian Greyhound was more than happy to perform for me, though.

More Greyhound Pet Picnic Pics

I had fun photographing the other events like the egg on a spoon race and my favorite - bobbing for hotdogs! Only three of about 20 participants were willing to dip their noses in the water to get the hotdogs. I can only imagine that other breeds aren't quite so timid when it comes to treats! I also photographed some adorable puppies with an adorable little boy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Makeover/Headshot Day

Layla Bauder of Mary Kay Cosmetics and I invited professional women over to my home for makeovers and headshots. It was a very popular event. Here are just a few of the photos.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

SMART Gala V: Samba at Sunset

What a fun event! The Lions of Batucada played samba music as the sun set over the NW Marshall Smart Park...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Golf for Heart Health

I had some help on this one from my assistant Rumi.

Calendar Pup

I took a photo of Mike the Dog dressed appropriately for each month of the year and then made a mug for his mom. Here is the graphic I created. (Mike was soooo patient...)