Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Free Photos for Pro-Choice Democratic Candidates!

Andie Petkus Photography is now offering free head shots to all pro-choice candidates who are running for elected office as Democrats. 

These photos will be taken at my studio at 2828 NE Alberta Street - inside the Black United Fund Building.

High resolution images (printable at up to 5x7" at 300dpi) from the shoot will then be posted to an online gallery.  One photo can be selected for editing and will be copied and changed to black and white.  This photo will be appropriate to submit to the Voter's Pamphlet.  All of the images that I approve will also be available and can be used however the candidate wishes - for campaign or for personal use.

I will take these photos as my schedule permits, but I will do my best to be available.  It is best to contact me on my personal email: to schedule a time.

The retail value is $100 and I will provide an invoice that documents my in-kind donation to the campaign.

Here are my helpful hints for head shots:

Studio inside the Black United Fund Building – 2828 NE Alberta St., Suite 100
-There is a fenced parking lot behind the Black United Fund building off of 29th Ave., if you can't find parking on Alberta.  It looks different from the front of the building and there are no signs for the Black United Fund, but you are in the right place.
-The glass door in back is always locked, but just knock on it and I will come and let you in.  The glass front door is usually unlocked during office hours.
-I will arrive 10 minutes before the time we arrange to set up my lights.  If I am not there when you arrive, I will be there soon.  Feel free to call or text me at 503-314-5851 to let me know you have arrived. 

The Photo Shoot:
-The shoot should only take 15 minutes
-You are welcome to bring more than one shirt or jacket.
-I will post the photos in an online gallery and I will email you a link so you can select your favorite.
-I will edit the photo that you select so that it is appropriate for the Voter's Pamphlet.
-A copyright release will be posted at the top of the gallery and you will be free to use the photo for other campaign or personal uses.
-I will email you an invoice which will document my in-kind donation to your campaign.

Here are the rules from the Voter's Pamphlet section of the website:
Candidates may include a photograph for publication with the candidate statement.
To be included in the voters’ pamphlet a candidate's photograph must be:
filed electronically using ORESTAR in .png, .jpg, .gif or .bmp format
less than four years old when filed, front facing, showing the face, neck and shoulders only.  Hands shall not be shown.

Preferred Photograph Format
It is preferred that a candidate’s photograph be:
1.5” x 1.75” in size
portrait style
black and white
matte finish
Photographs must not:
display anything in the background (this includes, but is not limited to, backdrops, landscaping, paneling,
wallpaper, signs)
show the candidate wearing clothing which indicates a profession or organization (this includes, but is not
limited to, judicial robes, any type of uniform, religious clothing, hats)
display any symbols which indicate a profession, organization or belief (this includes, but is not limited to,
jewelry in the shape of religious symbols, lapel pins of any organization)
Photographs which do not meet the above criteria maybe cropped and airbrushed and the cost billed to the candidate.
Photographs will not be returned to the candidate or the candidate's campaign for review before or after
printing of the voters' pamphlet.

Clothing Tips:  (The Voter's Pamphlet crops these photos pretty close to the neck, so not much clothing shows.)
-We will only be photographing you from the waist up, so don’t worry about your pants.
-Select clothes that portray the image you think will increase voter response.
-Select clothes that make you feel good and that you think look good on you.
-Make sure clothes are ironed and don’t look worn out.  Remove pet hair and fuzzies.
-Choose a color that is flattering to your skin and eyes.  (You will also have access to the color photos, not just black and white)
-Avoid small stripes and patterns – they can look like they are moving when viewed on a monitor.
-Avoid bare arms.
-Avoid plunging necklines because the shirt may not appear in the photo at all and it will look like you aren’t wearing anything.  Select a neckline that is flattering to your neck and face.
-Try to select clothes that fit well.  Avoid gaps between buttons.
-Make sure glasses are clean.
-Keep jewelry simple.

-If you color your hair, be sure that roots are covered.
-If you need a haircut, try to get it a few days before the photo. 
-Please make sure your hair is dry.  Wet hair can look dirty in photos.
-Bring a brush or comb.
-Bring lip balm or lipstick.
-Floss your teeth.
-If you have shiny skin, please bring face powder.
-Men should shave right before they come in for a photo.  (Razor cuts can be Photoshopped, but stubble cannot.)

Let me know if you have any questions about this offer! 

Here is a link to my blog post with the above info in it: